Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Surgery while pregnant?

Life is so unpredictable but yet so exciting. I’m saying this because so many unexpected and miracle things happened in my life especially during my pregnancy. Surgery to remove the appendix (appendectomy) is common to us but what if appendicitis develops during pregnancy; it is safe to have surgery?

On October 21, I was 24 weeks pregnant, when I woke up from bed; I felt some upper right quadrant abdominal pain. I thought nothing of it and I went to work as usual. However, a few hours later the pain still doesn’t go away. So during lunch hour I went to the clinic where I was suspected appendicitis and the doctor advised me to go straight to the hospital. Luckily I drove an auto car. During that time what I concerned most was my little baby, so I decided to go to the Columbia Asia Hospital, PucNhong where I did my regular pregnancy check up.

Then I came to know that if appendicitis develops during pregnancy, surgery to remove the appendix is done immediately because a ruptured appendix may be fatal. Appendicitis may be difficult to recognize during pregnancy. The cramping pain of appendicitis resembles uterine contractions, which are common during pregnancy. The appendix is pushed higher in the abdomen as the pregnancy progresses, so the location of pain due to appendicitis may not be what is expected. Furthermore, CT scan (x-ray) is not an option for the diagnosis due to the concern that radiation may harm the fetus. I was all alone and really worried about my lil one although the doctor had told me that the surgery is not likely to harm the fetus or cause a miscarriage.

Around 8pm I underwent an emergency surgery where I was given anesthesia that makes me totally unconscious (for sure that drug affected my baby too). It involves about 3 inch incision. When I was awake about an hour later, I had terrible pain but yet I felt very grateful when my baby starts kicking. Three days after the operation, I was released from the hospital and was back on my feet, although slowly. The only ongoing problem is the stretching of the scar tissue as my pregnancy continued to progress. Going through this incident without my hubby by my side, has taught me to be a strong independent person.

THANK GOD…I’m currently 27 weeks and ultrasounds shows that my lil one is very active kicks, moves, and turns.

Sakit2 pun nak posing.

What a tasteless meal.

Tengoklah bilnya...mahal yang amat.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Darling, I’m so happy and proud of you.

I am a non malay married to a malay hubby who love Malay traditional food (very much)& as a newlywed this is a huge problem for me. Why? Coz I have limited knowledge & I don't have any experience in cooking malay traditional food before. But lucky me, it won't stop him from loving his imperfect wife.

I’m happy to say that he did something pleasantly surprising, he cooked for iftar(buka puasa)last weekend. What really amazed me though was that he made kuih gula melaka as well. Cooking malay food such as 'kerutup' and 'asam pedas' is no easy task for a beginner, so I think he did really well...YUMMY

Darling, I’m so happy and proud of you :)

pasni, kitaorang boleh la buka restoran(dia tukang masak, saya tauke besar..hahaha)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Forgetfulness - Memory Loss - Absentminded

Science has now confirmed what expectant moms already know: Carrying a baby makes them more forgetful.

Haaa..., For all you expecting moms out there, be prepared to deal with this syndrome.

Research shows that the volume of the brain cells lessens during pregnancy due to hormonal changes in the body. In addition, memory loss during pregnancy is a result of excessive anxiety. And other studies have shown that sleep deficiency definitely disrupts cognitive performance, so if you’re not sleeping well it is no surprise that you are feeling a bit absentminded.

Here are some of the interesting research findings:

 more than 50% of pregnant women experience this symptoms.
 this seems to especially be the case during the first trimester and the third trimester. As with many pregnancy symptoms, the second trimester seems to be the easiest.
 for unknown reasons, women pregnant with girls are more likely to experience memory loss compared to those carrying boys.
 the duration of memory loss varies, some women regain their normal memory state shortly after giving birth, some do a few months after the delivery.
 women who were not warned about memory loss during pregnancy had a higher rate of self-image problems and anxiety.

I had first hand experience dealing with this syndrome. During my early stage of pregnancy, I always left my handphone, pass or purse whether at the office, car or home. And recently I dropped my handphone somewhere while withdrawing money from ATM. What i regret most, i lost all of my friend & family contact number & surely it will take some time get back on track.



Friday, August 28, 2009

Entry Poyo

Tetiba hari ni rasa nak tulis something yg sedikit ilmiah. Sekali sekala nak me'refresh'kan ilmu yang aku belajar masa kat universiti dulu ditambah dengan pengalaman kerja aku sekarang ni. Kalau orang lain tak nak baca takpelah, aku anggap ajelah entry ni buku nota kuliah aku.

Untuk kekawan yang nak beli rumah atau tanah, eloklah baca. Sedikit banyak boleh dijadikan panduan. Bulan puasa ni aku nak jugak menyumbangkan something kepada kekawan semua....apa salahnye berkongsi ilmu, coz sharing is caring.

Freehold vs leasehold

THE land laws of Malaysia are governed by the National Land Code, 1965 (Act 56 of 1965). Section 40 of the National Land Code, 1965 states that all state land belongs to the state authority. State authority may disposed off state land to an individual as :

FREEHOLD TITLE - in perpetuity for an indefinite period.
LEASEHOLD TITLE - for a term of years, by virtual of law, not exceeding 99 years.

For Leasehold title, upon expiry of the period of the lease, the land should be reverted to the state authority. The owner will then have to either apply for a renewal of the lease before its expiry or apply for a fresh alienation if the lease has expired. These will involve the payment of a hefty premium which would be close to buying the land all over again with perhaps some discount.

----------------Differences between leasehold and freehold.---------

Anyway, if there's an option between leasehold and freehold, my advice,better go for freehold because it is much more secured but if there's no options, then just go on with leasehold coz by the time you wait for that perfect freehold property, time has passed you by.(Harga rumah makin naik tahun ke tahun tau, naik bukan sikit2. Dalam masa setahun, puluh2 ribu beza)

The disadvantage of the leasehold property are as follows:-

1) Many consents to be obtained from relevant authorities especially for transfer;
2) Difficulty to surrender for the purpose to extend or renew your leasehold tenure;
3) High premium to be charged for renewal or fresh alienation by state authority if the lease has expired - it's base on current market value, i.e. PJ old bungalow, RM20-24 per square feet;
4) Difficulty to finance / get a loan from a bank if your leasehold tenure is less than 30 years left(to apply for strata titles - the leasehold tenure is not less than 21 years left);
5) Depreciation in the value of your property over time as the leasehold tenure is getting short.

Around Klang Valley it's getting harder to find good, new freehold property or there are ridiculously expensive these days. Here some of ongoing housing project with freehold title:

- Putra Height, USJ
- Bandar Bukit Puchong 2, Puchong
- Bandar Kinrara, Puchong
- Alam Sari, Bangi
- Alam Impian, Shah Alam

Remember, leasehold expiring is a certainty and who knows if they wil renew or how much it will be to renew the lease. For those who buying property for investment, pls bear in mind, leasehold tenure will always decrese the selling value of some properties.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Special instances...preserved for a lifetime.

I'll just let these picture speak for itself..

Friday, August 7, 2009

It's official....I'm married

Well, it has been several months since my last entry and my friends out there were pestering me for a new post. I’m sorry guys, I had been busy with the tedious preparation for my big day.

Yes everyone, I've been married for almost four months to my boyfriend that I had been dating for almost 8 years. (SIGH...wondering, What took us so long to make this decision?) I hope it is not too late to thank everyone for sharing our special day with us and for helping & making out our wedding memorable and wonderful.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trip to Had yai

During last Deepavali break, I went to Had Yai for one day trip with Fatti and her family. We took a van from Bukit Kayu Hitam and it cost us RM100 per trip (taxi RM60 per trip. Had Yai is the commercial centre of Southern Thailand and a popular weekend destination for visitors from Malaysian. It is located about 60km from Bukit Kayu Hitam on the Malaysian border. To my opinion, the city itself is not particularly interesting but it is a good place to go shopping if you are staying in nearby.

I just feel like I was at somewhere in northern Malaysia because I still can hear a substantial amount of ‘Bahasa Melayu’ spoken by the local, except that I can see the 'Tuk Tuk' car everywhere which is a bit odd for Malaysian.

I guess there's not much to see or do in Had yai, we only had some thai tradisional massage, medicure dan pedicure for the ladies and last but not least,we had the delicious and authentic tomyam...nyum nyum.